Control and inspection in the oil and gas sector

Safety and productivity are key elements in the oil industry. Our main challenge is to offer services that guarantee plant safety and improve efficiency while respecting environmental criteria.
Our added value lies in the competence of our inspectors, certified to international standards such as the American Petroleum Institute (API), ASME and ISO, ensuring a high quality of service in line with international standards.
Whether it's for a technical shutdown or regular maintenance, TIC offers a variety of services such as Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), Fitness for Service (FFS), MFL inspection of storage tank bottoms, corrosion detection, leak detection, etc. We support our customers throughout the various phases of their business, ensuring efficiency, safety and minimizing the risks associated with petroleum products. We ensure the integrity and reliability of equipment to guarantee a safe, productive and economical future.


Through our various inspection and certification services, TIC aims to support the petrochemical industry in providing the safest and fastest service possible, through value-added quality control for operations and engineering expertise developed to limit the risk of failure, guarantee safety and contribute to the improvement of products and processes. We work with petrochemical production sites as well as logistics and pipeline operations.
As experts in inspection and technical control, we can help you maximize the value of your assets while complying with regulations. That's why we offer solutions tailored to your insurance and risk management needs at every stage of your business.

Control and inspection in the energy sector

The energy sector is the backbone of the global economy. Sustainable energy production and environmental protection depend on the success and efficiency of projects in this sector. TIC Group has long been recognized as a partner to leading companies in the energy sector.
We help our customers identify energy opportunities and limits, while addressing ever-changing regulatory and technological issues.
Our customers turn to us not only for our mastery of the sector, but also for our 27 years of experience. We strive to ensure the integrity of our customers' assets by complying with standards, regulations and international codes, and by drawing on the skills and expertise of our team of experts.
We guarantee your compliance with regulations and your attention to safety, while controlling the environmental impact of your facilities.

Control and inspection in the building and construction sector

Our main objective is to ensure the soundness, integrity and compliance of construction and engineering processes by offering specialized services. TIC GC supports its customers at every stage of the project to ensure the reliability of materials and the safety of construction sites. We are responsible for verifying documentary compliance, monitoring construction work and carrying out regulatory energy audits.
We provide our customers with accredited and certified experts.

Control and inspection in the mining sector

In a world where mining projects are facing more complex challenges than ever, and cost pressures are increasing, the TIC Group can provide the innovative solutions needed to help its customers meet these challenges. With industry-recognized technical expertise, TIC offers a range of services in various fields:
We offer a wide range of inspection services to ensure asset integrity and customer safety throughout all phases of mining projects.

Processes encompassing the entire life cycle of a mine, from exploration to asset management, while ensuring compliance with environmental, health and safety standards for people and equipment. As your strategic partner, we offer testing, technology and advice to help you increase growth and efficiency, and reduce risk.
Our knowledge and expertise help customers to meet ever-changing demands. TIC is constantly evaluating new technologies to improve quality, efficiency and added value for its customers. The TIC Group is considered an essential reference for mining companies looking for reliable and safe inspection.

Control and inspection in the industrial sector

Through its services, TIC offers customers the guarantee that their employees, processes and facilities are as safe and efficient as possible.
We help our customers improve asset safety and reliability, reduce costs and time-to-market, comply with standards and minimize risk.
TIC Group is Tunisia's leading specialist in inspection and control during the various phases of construction and installation of industrial projects and structures.
TIC Group is equipped for large-scale industrial operations and projects, with highly qualified personnel.

Control and inspection in the Services sector

TIC offers all its customers in the service sector a full range of regulatory inspection services to ensure compliance with current standards and regulations.
TIC supports its customers in bringing their premises, projects and equipment into compliance, with the aim of ensuring safety and reducing risks. Whether it's a periodic regulatory inspection, or an asset integrity check, TIC provides its customers with qualified, certified and empowered inspectors to meet their needs.
Combining safety and efficiency in service companies is our priority.


Our company has solid expertise in aerospace control and inspection. Thanks to our highly qualified team, we can guarantee the safety and conformity of our equipment at every stage, from design to maintenance. Our vigilance and commitment to excellence enable us to detect potential defects and maintain the reputation of the aerospace industry.

Since 1993, TIC Group has been a leader in the field of control and technical inspection. With over 500 specialists, including engineers and technicians.


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