Regulatory Compliance Services

Regulatory Inspection at TIC is not just a procedure for assessing or maintaining compliance, but rather an approach that has the ultimate goal of helping you reduce the multiple risks that directly impact your business. TIC helps you manage your role of ensuring the safety of your employees, the integrity of your processes and property, and the preservation of your assets and the environment through regulatory and periodic inspection

Regulatory Inspection


Through its regulatory expertise, TIC supports its customers to ensure the reliability and durability of their equipment. We ensure the integrity and safe use of equipment by providing clients with experts who assist them in meeting regulatory and standards requirements. The objective is to assess compliance or maintain compliance.

  • Pressure vessel and piping certification
  • Pipeline certification
  • Expertise
  • Third party inspection
  • Valve calibration
  • Verification of compliance

TIC Group works closely with the goverment to ensure the compliance of facilities and equipment through a range of services.

We ensure that our clients’ facilities are compliant with regulations and recommend corrections to ensure safety and avoid equipment degradation. TIC’s mission is to control risks and enable its customers to reduce costs. The inspection leads to findings that are also used to correct defects.

Authorised and certified inspectors in the following inspection fields:

Pressure vessel and piping certification,

Pipeline certification,


Third party inspection,

Valve calibration,

Verification of compliance,


Periodic Inspection Services


Pressure vessels could be the cause of serious accidents involving the safety of workers and property. Regulations require that such equipment be certified and periodically inspected in order to maintain its good working order and prevent such risks. By distinguishing itself through its internationally recognized accreditations.

  • Lifting equipment inspection
  • Electrical installation inspection
  • Internal gas installations inspection
  • Inspection of fire detection systems
  • Thermographic inspection of installations

With its regulatory expertise, TIC support its clients throughout the life of their equipments.

For specific equipments, TIC guarantees appropriate periodic inspections. The main objective of regulatory inspection is to contribute to the prevention of technical defects that may occur during the design and construction of structures.

Certifications ;  API 510 API 653 API 570 API 571 API 579 API 580

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