TIC is first and foremost a solid network of women and men, with a broad range of expertise. Joining us gives you the opportunity to be part of large-scale projects!

We pride ourselves on our ability to attract and retaining our skilled people!

1 application screening

Fill out the form, respecting the required fields and the offer’s expiration date. Once the application is received, if you are shortlisted, you will be called for a one-on-one interview.

2 tests

All shortlisted candidates will have to pass a few tests: :
  • Technical test
  • Psycho-technical test
  • Language test

3 job interview

You will receive an e-mail notification indicating the place and time of your interview. The interviews are conducted by the HR manager and by the future immediate supervisor.

4 Response

At TIC, we take our applicants very seriously: Whether the answer is positive or negative, our HR department will inform you as soon as possible.