In order to protect the health and safety of people, authorities enforce the undertaking of periodic inspection and control of equipement and installations, in order to ensure their conformity to the regulation in place.TIC, with its large technical and regulatory expertise helps ensure the viability and durability of your equipement.


Safety statutory inspection services of equipments and installations; during manufacturing, in service or after maintenance operations with regard to the order of the Ministry of Industry: February 22nd, 2000.


Gas network inspection :

  • Verification of technical files.
  • Visual inspection of installations.
  • Leak test of installations.

Electric Network Inspection :

  • Verification of compiliance conforming the standards related to the existly installation.
  • Inspection of electrical control panel.
  • Verification of components of protection against thermal effects.
  • Checking the choice of divers talking account of current allowable and tensions falls.
  • Verification of protection devices, survey, and emergency shut off.
  • Verification of potential equalization dielectric continuity test.
  • Electrical separating measures and earthing.
  • Low voltage motor control centre testing (IR…).

Lifting Equipments Inspection :

  • Visual inspection of the characteristics of the lifting equipment and determination of its conformity with specified requirements where applicable.
  • Dimensional check to show that the lifting equipment has neither permanent deformation, nor abnormality that would render incapable of being use safety for its designed purpose.
  • General checking of the various components (slickline units, stroke limiters, brake shackles, wire rope, slings…).
  • Static and dynamic load test.
  • Check sizes of chain, egg links, rings, hooks, and make that they are suitable for the safe working load.
  • Visual inspection of structures and welding.
  • Non destructive Testing (MPI) for welded pad eyes before and after load test.

Inspection of Pipeline for liquid hydrocarbons transportation :

  • Verification and approbation of technical files.
  • Witness to hydrotest.

Fire Fiting System Inspection :

  • Verification of prevention plans, the means to fight against fire and their compliance with regulations and standards.
  • Detection of established defects and measures insufficiencies for fighting against fire.
  • Monitoring the implantation of fire fighting equipments.

Scope of application

This control applies mainly to the following fields:

  • Industrial gas Installation.
  • Electric Installation.
  • Lifting equipments.
  • Pipeline for hydrocarbon liquids Transportation.
  • Fire fighting system.


  • TIC provides its customers with advanced equipments (Dynamometers 50t , Infrared cameras, Megohmmeter, Installation controller, Loop controller, Explosimeter, Gas regulator, Pressure and temperature record Deadweight ) and highly qualified inspectors (Agreed inspectors A1, A2 and A3 by the Ministry of Industry).
  • Almost 100 subscription contracts with major companies in Tunisia for achieving the regulatory control of their equipments and installations.
  • TIC is accredited according to ISO 17020 V 2012 in the following areas :
    • Gas network inspection.
    • Lifting Equipment Inspection.
    • Inspection of Pipeline for liquid hydrocarbons transportation.
    • Electric Network Inspection .
  • TIC is the first company in Tunisia has obtained recognition from LEEA organization in the field of inspection equipment and lifting accessories as membership development.

Gas network inspection

Installation of natural gas used in industrial field should be subject to periodic checks to ensure the good conditions of safety in accordance with current standards.

Electric network inspection

Electrical systems must be maintained to prevent risk in the workplace. Regular safety inspections and testing will aid in the continued safe operation of electrical equipment and systems.

Lifting equipments inspection

The legislation is designed to ensure the standards for strength, stability and positioning of lifting equipment are maintained: Passenger Lifts, Lifts & Hoists, Cranes, Fork Lift Trucks…

Inspection of pipeline for liquid hydrocarbon Transportation

Pipeline used for hydrocarbon Transportation should be subject to periodic checks to ensure the good conditions of safety in accordance with current standards.

Fire fighting system inspection

Fire protection system shall be continuously maintained in a usable and operative condition.