Civil Work Inspection

Subsidiary of TIC Group Tunisia, Civil Work Inspection & Monitoring.

TIC. GC.SA, was created in 2010, to complete the services range of technical Inspection and Monitoring provided by the mother company including :

  • Construction Technical Monitoring
  • Buildings Energy Audit

Regulatory and Safety Monitoring for ‘Public Reception Building’

Construction Technical Monitoring

TIC GC is approved by Tunisia’s  Ministry of Housing and Urban Development for B2 Category (homes, offices and civil buildings).

TIC GC intervene  in  the different fields of  expertise that govern  the activities of Civil Work Inspection and Monitoring :

Durability lots :

Reinforced Concrete, Prestressed Concrete, VRD (Highways and utilities), Metal Structure, Soil and Foundation, Rules Earthquake etc…

Special Lots :

Electricity: High and Low Voltage

Fluids : Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, thermal insulation, and indoor gas system etc…

Lifting and Fire Safety:

For these Lots, TIC. GC, ensures documentary compliance audit (Approval of plans, audit calculation notes etc.) as well as the construction  execution monitoring (on-site visit, provisional and final reception etc.)

Audit Energy Buildings

TIC GC is responsible for the Energy Audit Regulations for residential and tertiary sector in   accordance with the specifications of the ANME « National Agency for Energy Conservation » Which are Energy audits of existing buildings and Energy audits for new projects plan.

This service, should allow, from a detailed analysis of data on the site, to draw up a costed proposal and argued the program (s) saving energy and assist the construction authority, clients to decide on appropriate investments.

With this service, TIC GC, allows you to benefit from various incentives related to energy conservation.

(See Decree  n° 2009-362 of February 9th 2009)

Safety Monitoring Regulations For Public Reception Building :

Within the framework of the mission of  TIC Group, which is accredited by the Ministry of Industry, TIC GC  applied periodically regulatory safety monitoring for Public Reception Building during operation to ensure that facilities and equipment are maintained  in accordance with the provisions of the regulations.

Equipment and facilities which are subject to regulatory control Security (CRS) are :

  • Electrical installations
  • Equipment and fire safety facilities
  • Elevators, mounted load and handling equipment
  • Industrial Gas Installation