Asset Integrity

The expertise of TIC allows you to maintain your assets in a state fit for service through an asset integrity management program.


  • Inspection & Control in service/out of service(Pressure Vessels, Pipings, Storage Tanks…)
  • Analysis of inspection’s results (Corrosion Rate/ Remaining Life…) in accordance with applicable standards (API510,570,653…)
  • Fitness For Service Analysis in accordance with API 579

Method of application

  • Base Line Survey.
  • Pré-Shutdwn.
  • Shutdown.
  • Routine Inspection.

Scope of application

Oil & gas industry: this operation may be applied to Pressure Vessels, Pipings, Storage Tanks…


  • Experienced, Qualified and CertifiedPersonnels (API 510, API570, API653, API579, API 580, ASNT, CCWIP …)
  • International Experience (Morocco, Algeria, Lybia, Saudi Arabia, Gabon, USA, Europe, Asia)
  • Latest Control Technologies(TOFD, LFET, Eddy Current, Bscan…)
  • Advanced Software for FFS analysis

Base Line Survey

The integrity study of the current state of an installation on service. This study will be used as a reference for the upcomming inspections:

  • Visual Inspection and thickness measurement of all equipments.
  • FFS Analysis in accordance with API 579 of different detected anomalies.
  • Implementation of an RBI System.
  • Corrosion rate more accurate .
  • Update all Isometrics or Drawings « As Built ».
  • Recommandation of Urgent Repairs and preventive measures.


Ensure Pre-Shutdown work by:

  • Identification of submitted and non submitted equipments that will be inspected.
  • Preparation of inspection inquiries with the authorities .
  • ITPs Preparation for each equipment .
  • Preparation of Templates Reports.
  • Preparation of inspection files (Workpacks).
  • Preparation of Contingency Repairs .
  • Preparation of replacement parts and consummable list .
  • Elaboration of inspection and repair procedures.
  • Preparation of the extent of the necessary scaffolding for the inspection.
  • Identification of painting, coating and insulation types needed during the shutdown.
  • Preparation of inspection planning.


Making available a performant , multidisciplinary team for inspection and control reasons such as:

  • Internal and external Inspection off all equipments (Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Heaters, Towers and Reactors) performed by certified API 510 Inspectors.
  • Piping Inspection performed by certified API 570 Inspectors.
  • Above the ground Atmospheric Storage Tanks Inspection by certified API 653 Inspectors.
  • NDT Controls by certified technicians.
  • Follow-Up and supervision of welding and repairs by certified welding inspectors.
  • Hydrotesting Assistance.

Routine Inspection

Permanent team on site in order to:

  • Ensure day-to-day inspections and controls of the equipment.
  • Help the owner and user with the maintenance and repair operations.
  • Reporting any detected anomalies.
  • Follow-up of the inspection program provided by the RBI System.
  • Ensure the tracking of Cathodic Protection Performance.
  • Ensure data tracking, gathering and analysis of corrosion coupons with the comparison with the results of thickness measuremnts.
  • Tracking of corrosion mechanisms and corosion rate.
  • Ensure the effective operation of corrosion enhibitors.